Jinhua | Masterplan

For Jinhua a masterplan with a new Central Business District (CBD) and several attractive neighboring districts was developed.


Pingdingshan | Baigui Lake

Urban centres situated directly lakeside benefit from this special quality of the location without ignoring the protection of the water or sensitive shore.


Düsseldorf | Dialogue About Urban Development

In order to maintain its standing as an attractive area for living and working, the city directed a series of events known as the “Diaolgue About Urban Development”.


Stuttgart | Concept of Urban Development

An interdisciplinary approach results in model projects for characteristical urban spaces achieving a viable economic location and attractive spaces for living.


Strasbourg-Kehl | Opposite open spaces

A communicating waterfront along the border river Rhine as mutual center and driving force for the urban development wins fourth prize.


Dresden | Overall Concept for Downtown Dresden

Filling the gaps of the socialist era and preserving the uniquenesses are the goals of the Overall Concept for Downtown Dresden.


Cologne | Ringstraßen (Ring Roads)

Spotted urban places combined with guidelines for action and design underline the coherent urban space without losing the uniqueness of individual segments.


Frankfurt | Welcoming Entrée Airport

Reorganizing the access creates an urban-oriented boulevard with logical routes, qualities of stay, green and water that welcomes guests from around the world.


Beijing | Green Campus

A new campus for the BISTU based on a „city in city“-concept with different quarters for the faculties connected to a generous open space wins first prize.