We develop urban designs and development concepts at all scales: from inter-community master plans regarding city and municipality development to city quarters and neighborhoods. In doing so, we pursue the principle of sustainability: topics such as inner development, mixed-use planning, protection for natural resources, and climate consideration receive individual, site-specific attention.
In addition to urban development concepts for overall and downtown situations, the core of our urban work over the past several years has included the conversion of former industrial areas, commercial zones, military bases as well as railway operation areas and facilities and their reintegration into the surrounding urban fabric. The adjustment of residential areas due to demographic changes has also been an area of growing importance.
Our urban concepts always consider a balanced and synergetic cooperation of public frameworks, private engagement, and urban furtherance in order to achieve the most successful implementation of the given tools and conditions, whether they be urban contracts, legal arrangements, zoning plans, or statutes regarding design or protected monuments.